Winter Storm...
  • Looks like the warning I got might be for this latest winter storm. Eastern NC getting more than a dusting is news.

    Snow is a rare event and they are saying we might get 4 to 8 inches.

    Its been cold enough is should all stick.


    Having so much fun !
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  • Make snow angels!!
  • There's snow telling what yer gonna get... :)
  • Full on panic and hysteria was evident, entire bread isles at the food lion, harris teeter and walmart were cleaned out. Milk, juice and other staples were also in a sad state of stock. Lines for propane were ongoing since 9 am. Prices for gasoline have jumped 10 cents a gal. overnight. Salt trucks were pumping brine on the roads from the end of the county up to new bern. Kids were all given off from school today and tomorrow including colleges and most gov operations.

    Business has been quiet for a week and now this week it will be no different while everyone hunkers down and waits for the blizzard of 2014 !

    It is blowing here but I think the whole storm panic is way overblown.


    I hit the CTRL key but I'm still not in control ! ! !
  • I made it to Walmart to get food etc. then the roads got bad. 
    The Scion needs tires soon and did not do very well in the snow.

  • Snow? This is swimming weather where I come from!
  • Maybe if we made the Scion AWD, with snow tires it might move.....

    Its raining ice pelts now... and is sticking. about an inch now. full ice conditions after 5 pm tonight.

    I worry about trees and ice loads .....more of an ice storm event now than a snow storm. everything is coated.

    Kat has googly eyes, they canceled work for her tomorrow.....

    I might even take a snow day myself.


    Having so much fun !
  • J,
    how did you make out on this second round of winter storm ?
  • This is what I found out.image
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  • Central Pamlico County got slammed with 10 to 13 inches of the white stuff, this time.... real snow, not that chemtrail snow that was like ice pelets. In Oriental we got about 4 to 6 inches. drifts much higher but it all melted in 2 days. Like they say here in eastern NC "if you dont like the weather, wait a moment...".

    Everything is a totally soping wet mess. Pools of water everywhere make it look like a major hurricane came through. Dingys are floating in local boat yards...

    Any NOAA chart that says we are in a dry condition on a drought map needs a major beating for being a wise ass. I dont think we will need any more rain until 2015....


    I hit the CTRL key but I'm still not in control ! ! !
  • I called this 'one more storm" right, but I am not sure if this was the last big one for the winter here or mother nature got more up its collective sleeve... we shall see.


    I hit the CTRL key but I'm still not in control ! ! !
  • Well, we got about 8-10 in Wadesboro.....makes me remember why I hate snow!
    I was out in it all day Wednesday and Thursday pulling all you southern yahoos out of ditches!
    Why don't y'all just stay off the roads and let us Yankees have some fun!!!!

    Already 55 outside and everything is shoveling! I love the south. Current weather forecast is predicting 80 on Thursday. Woo, woo!
  • We got about 12"at the house and did y'all feel the little earth quake ?
    My dog has been acting goofy snow below its normal corridor + earth quake = H.A.A.R.P
  • True, it all melted in less than 2 days. Great program !

    I did not feel your 4.4 but I did feel and hear the 2.5 that hit us a few days prior. Both were rare events.

    I thought when I heard it was cherry point in the restricted trying out some of their new toys.

    sounded like a crack of lightning, higher pitched, not a low rumble.

    see my on a roll post in off topic....


    I hit the CTRL key but I'm still not in control ! ! !