Engine out on Bensen-gyro
  • Well not as eventful as the title might lead. I was balancing on the mains then the engine quit. The fiberglass seat tank on the Bensen-gyroplane quit picking up gas leaving a little under a gallon of gas in the tank. I guess there is a tube sticking up inside the tank limiting the amount of gas that can be picked up. How much do the plastic tanks leave in the tank after the fuel pump quits picking up fuel? I suppose it is good that I found this out on the ground rather than in the air. 
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  • Wow that's not cool by any stretch of the imagination.... The fitting in the bottom of the tank should siphon/drain to the last few oz. of fuel. I would pull the bung from the rubber gromet, before you do that though, order a half dozen new ones so you can put a fresh one back otherwise it will leak,.

    Must put your eyes on that one quick fast and in a hurry. It is only about 1 inch long unless it has a filter screen type that extends above the bottom of the tank.

    However doing anything in a gyro with the "last gallon" is kind of low..... if you are going to fly that way, on vapor, might have a clean place to land in the event... Truth be known I have had several engine outs on the taxiway / runway... one involving running out of fuel...

    I did have a situ when training one time, we thought we had enough fuel to fly the pattern once around during the early part of my training....and half way down the runway we sucked the tanks dry. Both of us were embarrassed as we pushed the gyro back to the hanger.... that last little bit can go real quick. It cal also appear that you have more fuel than you really do. So check it and figure it, mark it for each gallon,

    REMEMBER, flight planning includes the part about "usable fuel" for a reason...


    What else is going on ?

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  • Had a front tire blow out yesterday on the gyro and got it on video
  • uneventful was barley moving
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    Mike Simmons sent me some photos from Costa Rica, I will put them up in a little bit.....


    I hit the CTRL key but I'm still not in control ! ! !