Wrens Fall Fly-in is September 18th thru 20th! Wrens Airport, Georgia. (65J)

  • Wrens Fall Fly In (formerly Rotors Over The Carolinas)

    September 18-20

    Wrens, GA

    Camping and RV room.

    Motel right down the street.

    Good people....great flying.

    Last year was really nice...this year even better.

    Come on up or down......well leave the light on!!



    This year both Clubs are turning our sights on YOU!

    Georgia and Carolina are hereby teaming together to CHALLENGE Florida, Tennessee, and EVERYONE ELSE in the country!

    We even worked with EAA 172 and JC Magnan to move the event up one month, to September... so that you could make it.

    We did it for YOU!

    So... who's gonna' to be there?

    I hit the CTRL key but I'm still not in control ! ! !
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  • J..
    Will we see you and your gyro at Wrens ?? Going to be more gyros than we have seen in a long time there !!
  • sorry I missed all the fun guys. I had a perfect storm and a list of stuff at work that had to get done. Mike Simmons came down with a bad chest cold and could not go, we were going to come down in my RV minus any aircraft and just decompress.... looks like (ROC) now "WRENS" is back to its former glory. Which really gives me a warm fuzzy....I hope to get my ass to barry's fly in at Anson next month... Post a few photos if you have any.

    hope to put time together over the winter and get moving on my engine build that has kept me grounded and attend Bensen Days 2016 with Big Red..... that is the master plan...

    I hit the CTRL key but I'm still not in control ! ! !